BMP36-500 Orbit Hydraulic Motor

//BMP36-500 Orbit Hydraulic Motor
BMP36-500 Orbit Hydraulic Motor 2017-12-14T07:06:25+00:00

Project Description

BMP series orbit hydraulic motor is the small volume, economical type, which is designed with shaft distributor flow, adapted the Gerotor gear set design and provided compact volume, high power &  low weight.

BMP Hydraulic Motor Feature

  1. Advanced manufacturing devices for the Gerotor gear set, which provided compact volume, high efficiency & long life.
  2. Shaft seal can bear the high pressure of motor of which can be used in parallel or in series.
  3. Advanced construction design, high power, and low weight.

BMP Hydraulic Technical Data

Rated speed and rated torque: output value of speed and torque underrated flow and rated pressure.

Continuous pressure: Max. value of operating motor in continuously.

Intermittent pressure: Max. value of operating motor in 6 seconds per minute.

Peak pressure: Max. value of operating motor in 0.6 seconds per minute.

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