Hydraulic motor NCA70

//Hydraulic motor NCA70
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Project Description

NCA series is Cam-Ring (inner curve piston) Piston hydraulic motor with the advantage of hollow rotor. NCA motor can be mounted with brake, speed encoder, and some special equipment mounted through the center of motors, according to the user’s requirements.  Its features of high-pressure endurance, stability at low speed, and high output torque in various inferior working condition.

NCA Hydraulic Motor Feature

  1. Good anti-shock capability and stability.
  2. Stable speed switch and brake available.
  3. Free running working condition.
  4. Multi-mounting options, hollow shaft design.
  5. Large output torque, wide speed range, tight configuration(small volume).  Can replace the combination devices of high-speed motor and gearbox.
  6. Stable operate at low speed.
  7. High mechanical and volumetric efficiency.
  8. Reversible rotation.
  9. Reliability, maintenance easily.
  10. High power-mass ratio.

NCA70 Hydraulic Technical Data

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