Hydraulic Motor NGM3

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Project Description

NGM Series of swiveling cylinder hydraulic motors are low-speed high torque hydraulic motors without connecting staff.

NGM Hydraulic Motor Feature

  1. High Mechanical efficient, comparatively high start-up torque(mechanical of over 0.92 during start-up). As the piston and the tilt cylinder have no side force, the piston bottom is designed to be static pressure balance. The torsion force is transferring between the piston and the crankshaft through the rolling bearing, so the friction loss during the transferring process of force is reduced.
  2. The Plane distributor (patented technology) is simple and reliable with perfect seal performance and almost no leakage. The plastic piston ring is used to seal between the piston and the tilt cylinder, so it has the higher volumetric efficiency (can be as high as 0.98).
  3. Stability at low speed(can stably run at 1r/min work condition) and widely at speed regulation range( the speed control ratio is up to 1000). Due that structure of NGM hydraulic Motor has reduced friction loss to improved sealing capability.
  4. High pressure, light weight, small bulk, and high specific power.
  5. Simple Structure, reasonable design and adopts bearing with big load ability, it can work reliably and has a long life and low noise. The transmission shaft allows endure radial load and the rotational direction is reversible.

NGM Hydraulic MotorĀ Application

Applied in the hydraulic transmission system of various types of machinery in plastic injection machine, light industry machine, engineering machine, metallurgical equipment, petroleum, coal mine, geological prospecting, railway, ship, environment protection, machine tool and agricultural machine industries, etc..

NGM3 Hydraulic Technical Data

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