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Project Description

NIAM Series hydraulic motor is low-speed high torque motor with advanced processing center, inspection machines, and assembly technology.

NIAM Hydraulic Motor Feature

  1. Low noise due to its crankshaft & five piston design of low vibration frequency.
  2. Steady operate at low speed and start at high torque.
  3. Good reliability and less leakage due to the flat compensation distributor. Special seals between piston and cylinder bushing guarantee its higher volumetric efficiency.
  4. Reversible rotation and the output shaft can bear certain external force from radial & axial direction.
  5. High mechanical efficiency due that support with roller bearing between the crankshaft and connecting rod.
  6. High power-mass ratio, small volume, and light weight.

NIAM Hydraulic Motor Application

Especially applied to the transmission device of the plastic injection machine, hoisting winch, all sorts of rotational mechanism and the track and wheel travel machine.

Widely applied in the hydraulic transmission system of construction engineering machinery, heavy metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, ship’s deck machinery and geological prospecting equipment etc..

NIAM11 Hydraulic Technical Data


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